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Desaign Dapur and Kitchen Set Model

Modern life require fundamental changes. Currently, in secondary family homes in the city's increasingly difficult to find a kitchen full of black soot and sticky floors. 

Therefore, it would not be surprised if the current split in two kitchens, kitchen, wet and dry kitchen, which has a different function. The kitchen is usually combined with family room or dining room is often referred to as a pantry or kitchen to dry. This room is usually equipped with modern kitchen equipment. Meanwhile, wet kitchen used for cooking. Wet kitchen is more widely used to warm the food before serving or used to cook something that is practical, that even if the spices are all already half finished. Therefore, now the middle of the kitchen design trend in line with the times.
The kitchen is equipped with modern kitchen set becomes an important issue in managing the home. It may be as important as the arrangement of the living room and family room or other space in a dwelling. Currently, the pantry is not merely functioning as a kitchen, also a gathering place for family members when the breakfast or dinner. Activities in the pantry typically includes storing dry food, cooking food that is practical, warm food, freshly made drinks. Meanwhile, the cooking done in the kitchen dirty or commonly called the service area. The existence of the pantry is very useful because in addition to these activities, also to sweeten the room in the house.
Pantry term itself comes from the English language which means' little room to store dishes or snacks. However, in its development, in Indonesia the term is often interpreted pantry 'kitchen clean', because the lifestyle in harmony and development of technology, eventually design a kitchen with equipment in it has become a mode. No wonder, when the kitchen is equipped with a kitchen set that is consistent and fashion needs.
In this area can also be equipped to monitor the presence of TV news or other events. "Mothers are often social gathering prides his kitchen set that date and it became a pride for them". Thus, today a pantry for the kitchen eventually become a display, that's fine. Because, for the choice of design or model adjusted occupant taste. However, the important thing is the three basic of activities in it must be fulfilled.
The completeness is needed to make such a tiny kitchen, among other top cabinet which consists of storage objects such as cooking and eating dishes, glasses, knives and other small appliances. There was also sucking fumes from a gas stove burner for smoke directly inhaled and can not spread to or contaminate the room ceiling kitchen space.
Under Cabinet Fittings are made of concrete covered with ceramic include cabinet space that can be used to save cooking utensils such as pots, pans, and so forth. To place a gas stove, built a niche in this no. On the left, there washtafel kitchen sink.
Creating a Healthy Kitchen The kitchen has an important role in a home. This is where the food material, which is necessary for the life of the residents, processed into food that is ready to be served and eaten.
Because of these roles, the kitchen should always be maintained health and safety. Kitchen unhealthy will facilitate the growth of bacteria and viruses, which can poison the food and affect human health of its inhabitants. The kitchen is also very vulnerable to security, because in it there is a variety of tools, resources, and fuel. If health and safety of your kitchen are not cared for, it can threaten the health of your family. Here are the things that must be considered to create a healthy and safe kitchen in your house, among others: 1. Exposure Make sure the kitchen area you are getting enough sunlight.Important role of natural lighting for the kitchen. Besides required for lighting and kill the seeds of bacteria, also can avoid the kitchen of nuisance animals, like cockroaches and rats who enjoyed the corners of the room is dark and damp.
The kitchen should have artificial lighting is bright enough to replace natural light. Artificial lighting should be adequate (not dimmed and no glare) to perform each job and see the changes in food color. Lighting is too dim or too bright can cause eye strain.
2. Penghawaan Make sure the kitchen area has a ventilation (opening windows and doors) is good for the smooth circulation of air. Exposure not only on one side, but on two sides or more, in order to create cross ventilation. Smoke and steam from the cooking process must be streamed out and replaced with fresh air. Rotating air is intended to avoid unpleasant smells and the incidence of poisoning gases out of the smoke or gas stoves (NO2 - Nitrogen Dioxide).
You can also use the exhaust fan to help remove smoke and steam from the cooking process, because the exhaust fan to suck air and pull the oil in the chamber. It should be noted also, the exhaust fan should be cleaned on a regular basis in order to function optimally.
In addition, on the stove cooker hood should be installed to drain the smoke and steam from the cooking process. Currently on the market has been sold cooker hood with a variety of shapes and sizes. 3. Material In addition, on the stove cooker hood should be installed to drain the smoke and steam from the cooking process. Currently on the market has been sold cooker hood with a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose the wall material that is resistant to heat and steam.Ceramics are widely used as a kitchen wall, because in addition to powerful and easy to clean, the price is more affordable than granite. Avoid using textured walls for cracks will be difficult to clean and can be a heap of dirt, dust, and oil.
For the floor should select materials that are not slippery floor, because the area was splattered kitchen vulnerable oil and water. Avoid cooking area of objects that are flammable, such as plywood material. Should select materials that are resistant to fire and heat such as, stainless steel, granite, and ceramics. 4. Equipment Use your electronic equipment such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves as efficiently as possible. Electronic equipment requires electrical energy is very large and can cause effects of electromagnetic radiation.
We recommend that you place the microwave and oven out of reach of children. Get used to not be too often processed food using the microwave, because microwaves in a microwave to remove nutrients in food, so do not be beneficial to our health. Keep the stove with a window so that the flames in the wind and the curtains do not lead to a flame.
Use of material ceramic tableware / porcelain rather than using plastic, because the chemicals found in plastics can contaminate food. This also applies if you heat the food with microwaves. 5. Cleanliness We recommend that you clean the kitchen from the oil and crumbs of food every time you finish cooking to avoid the growth of bacteria and fungi. Dispose of kitchen waste at least once a day. Garbage is not disposed of more than 1 day potential growth of bacteria and fungi, which if left unchecked can damage the health of its inhabitants.
Better to have a filter (filter) water to reduce bacteria and viruses that may be contained in the water, so water consumed more secure cleanliness and health. But avoiding use of chlorine in the water, because chlorine is corrosive and can harm the health of skin and eyes. Get used to clean the water storage tray under the refrigerator, at least 2 times a year. If not cleaned regularly can potentially grow mushrooms. 6. Security Familiarize you do not save and spraying pesticide or insecticide to combat bullying animals (ants, cockroaches, rats, etc.) in the kitchen area. Generally insects are neurotoxic (toxins that disrupt nerve) and contains carcinogens. If you had to spray insecticide, be sure to use vents wide open. Avoid heating the oil to smoke, because the resulting oil becomes toxic. With these simple steps, your kitchen will become a vital space in a healthy and safe home for your family. Change Display Kitchen With Minimal Cost To change the look of the kitchen with minimal costs begin by selecting a part that really needs improvement. You can do the following: If you have kitchen curtains, try to replace it with color and pattern that is much different from the previous. By simply changing the curtains alone can give a fresh new look in a room. Cabinet that has begun to peel or look dirty, you can re-paint.Experiment with paint, such as giving a picture decoration of flowers, stripes and others. Try to change the paint color of your kitchen wall. You can combine several colors at once in one room without impressed too crowded. Of course, using the principles of harmony. Knick-knacks on the upper cabinets also need to be replaced.Instead, choose a display that has bright colors and color matching with the theme of the kitchen.
As one accent sweetener, you can install HSIL children's work. Not only is installed on the refrigerator door as it did during this, you can put it on the wall with a beautiful frame. Creates a neat kitchen atmosphere and nice views To create a good atmosphere for viewing the kitchen, you can do some things like the following: Choose the color a bit brighter for the impression of clean and not too narrow. Design the kitchen as much as possible due to the small house will be seen directly from the dining room and family room. Kitchen design should follow the interior of the house, so this room into a single unit from another room. The placement of furniture should be appropriate and in accordance with kebututuhan. Use storage containers for spices, foods, or equipment to make it look more presentable. Put back the goods that have been used in its place. Function and Form Kitchen For some people, cooking is an activity that is fun. Unmitigated, they will choose a sophisticated cooking device or a host of services to distribute this hobby. One of them is to make a kitchen set for the kitchen is a pleasant place to do activities cultivate and provide food.
Based on the kitchen can be divided into two functions: 1. Wet Kitchen This is where the cooking is actually done, such as preparing food from raw to processed into food that is ready to eat. 2. Dry Kitchen In this room most people only make the food simple and easy to serve, such as preparing breakfast. For the modern family, dry kitchen can also be a place for a family gathering while enjoying a small meal. Kitchen Shape With the development of culture and technology, the shape of the kitchen is always changing. Planning now follows the modern kitchen triangle principle which states that the 3 main functions of the kitchen is the storage (like a refrigerator), preparation, and cooking. A few common kitchen forms are: Single line LineSingle This model kitchen berbntuk straight line. The kitchen of this type mostly found in the apartment or house that has spaces are elongated and not too wide. This form is less effective but efficient place.
Double LineDouble line In this model the kitchen clean and dirty kitchen is located on two opposite walls. This model was created to facilitate the separation between the kitchen clean and dirty kitchen.
Form "L" This model can be applied to limited space. Circulation path L in the kitchen is relatively more comfortable. The shape of the elbow allows grouping between clean and dirty kitchen is placed on two walls that intersect (at corner).
Model "U" U-shape kitchen usually occupies three walls and can be combined with the bar because of the ngantong. Kitchen U can be used for storage of large areas.
Model "island" (Island) The model kitchen "island" to bring an exclusive impression and can be applied if there is enough room at large. In this model follows the stove or oven cooker hood apart from other kitchen devices. In addition, the type of island also serves as a place to eat and also the bench.
Designing Kitchen Set The first step in designing a kitchen set is the 'description of his' concept kitchen what you want, such as: Whether in your kitchen will be like a lot of storage space for your kitchen utensil that 'maybe' a lot of numbers. Is there also will be used as a dining table or a place to eat 'Breakfast' you. Are you the type who loves to cook. Does any appliance you need. And so forth. This is coupled with consideration of the condition of the room, such as: How to lay-out room kitchen is on the other rooms around it. What type and kind of finishing that dominated the interior of your home. Are lighting and ventilation in the kitchen was enough. Wherever the location of windows and doors on the lay-out kitchen space. Where is the window facing. Where is the nearest sewerage channels. Where is the nearest clean water outlet. With the appliance that you'll want, whether electric power is sufficient for getting her in the kitchen. Is there a story buildings around your home. And so forth. Taking into account the factors mentioned above coupled with the existing budget factors in your estimate, we can begin to make a sketch of your kitchen you want to do: Record a kitchen appliance that you have now and what you want in the future, ranging from the size, until the characteristics of these appliances (how the direction of opening, how to operate, does require electrical power, if required to process maintenance / refill of these appliances how the process). Are the aesthetics of the room and budget considerations it is possible to put a sink in the corner of the intersection plan kitchen set. Do you want a sink with double bowl and / or 'wings' that long. Remodeling must adhere to the principle that there are 3 locations in the kitchen area is an area that needs to be cooking / cooking, washing area / sink, and storage area / storage of cooking ingredients are ideally connected in the triangular one another, with enough distance for the movement of traffic of them and the ease of reach. What is the desired future is front loading washing machine in the kitchen area. Are the goods you want to put in the kitchen area requires many types of tray / drawer. Is the air circulation in the kitchen area would be assisted by the exhaust fan / filtrack, etc.. If the sketch plan kitchen has been made, then we define: kitchen design model that we want (minimalist, country, etc). desired finishing kitchen cabinets (MELAMIC, duco, fancy sealer, etc). counter top material that we want (granite, marble, solid timber, Tacon, etc). models, materials, and size of sinks that we wish to attach. model and sizes of stoves that we wish to attach. type faucet / tap water that we wish to install (model counter top / faucet wall / with shower / etc.) net size of the room, which we measured at least from 2 different elevation measurements (useless to me metakan slope of each part of the wall of the kitchen). height of the bottom of the window frame on the kitchen floor. clean room at a height measured from floor to ceiling distance. where we will put the appliance outlet to which we have chosen. standard height for the lower kitchen cabinets are: - 90 cm to international standards - 85 cm for standard Indonesian / Asia the distance between the top of the cupboard under (duplicators) with the bottom of wall cabinets (over head duplicators) is between 55-60 cm. high standard duplicators over head is 90 cm. width of the spoon (already fabricated) that we choose (this is related to the design width of the drawer where he resides). after we finished sketches, so now we leave it to the manufacturer to translate our sketch with a more accurate design drawings. Remember: for a typical room, kind of appliances, and habits of users, none of which would be exactly the same kitchen, so the kitchen in your house will very typikal all, only in accordance with your owner.
Single-Row Figure Sketch Kitchen Cabinet Lineup With Limited Space Price Price to create a kitchen set is varied. Cheap ranges from Rp 1.500.000, - / m '. What is mediocre, about Rp 3.000.000, - s / d Rp 3.500.000, - / m '. Which class of metrics kitchen Rp 5.000.000, - / m 'does not include accessories inside. Which class JDC around Rp 8.000.000, - / m 'does not include accessories inside.That's for the standard (MDF material to multiplex), finishing MELAMIC or HDF, granite table top. To dalamannya, there are 2 kinds, the stainless (usually brand vitco) or white. Prices range from Rp 350,000, - s / d Rp 1.500.000, -/pcs for the stainless, depending on the type of what, for example, plate racks, shelves or racks spice bottles and others. Usually the count of 1 m is meter run, the cabinet above the bottom.So for example there are certain parts that no cabinet above it, will be calculated half its course, or there is a separate count. So also with the island or cabinet for the refrigerator that high, there is usually a separate count.
Thus an article on the kitchen this time, hopefully your kitchen will become a vital space in a healthy and safe home for your family.Good luck ..

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